Shetlands at Shows

Phil at her foal show




We began showing with our first Shetland pony, Philiadelphia, when she was a weanling foal.  Again she was taken out as a yearling to the Clunes Show where a young friend handled her.  At both these shows she gained 3rd placing in the appropriate Shetland Filly classes.  As a 2yo, Philly attended Ballarat, again for a 3rd, then at Clunes, where she saw a stallion that she liked & went completely silly.  It was decided after that to begin her saddle education before the Winter hit, then a brush up before sending her to visit a Shetland stallion to begin her breeding  career.




Razz at her foal show





Our second Shetland to show was Philiadelphia's filly foal, Callambene Razzamattazz, as a foal at the Western District Promotional Foal Show.  Like her mother, Razz got placed third in Shetland Pony Filly.  A few months later Razz went to her new home at the Plunkett's, but once fully mature she may return to the show ring either in led or harness classes. 





Charm at her foal show





Our latest Shetlands to enter the show ring are Callambene Calico & Pentland Gaellic Charm.  Charm had minimal handling so wasn't expected to do much, but she worked out beautifully in her Shetland Filly class, so that was concidered an accomplishment for the baby. 





Calico with her ribbons from her foal show





Little Callambene Calico did exceptionally well at her first entry into the show ring.  Entered in two Shetland Filly classes, she gained 1st  & 2nd. Calico, after her initial disobediance when a very young baby, has grown into a calm & willing to please little Shetland, very much like her mother in temperment.  We'll wait to see how she matures this coming year.  If growing nicely she may attend both Ballarat & Clunes Agricultural Shows as a yearling  in their Shetland Filly classes.




Moondust Reserve Champion





The newest member of our stud, Callambene Moondust, has made her debut into the show ring at the Western District Promotional Group's foal show held in May 2010.  Though a small field, the competition was very good.  Moondust gained a 3rd in one class & a 2nd in the other class.  She then went on to be awarded Reserve Champion 7.2hh - 8.2hh Shetland Filly behind the filly that gained 1st in the class, & beating the colt winner of his height class for the reserve.  A really good start to Moondust's showing career.  She is now out in the paddock to grow up & mature.  She may not return to the show ring until she has reached her full adult height & build.  The stud is very pleased with this filly's showing.



Q at her first outing Clunes Ag Show 2010



Q had her very first outing into the show ring as a 6yo, attending Clunes Agricultural Show in the 9.2hh & over Shetland mare class.  She did very well in the very good class of mares.  Though not bringing home a place ribbon, we were pleased that she managed out of what was, for her, her comfort zone.  Away from her friends, in a new area, surrounded by strange ponies & horses, Q didn't disgrace herself at all.



Stardust walking out in 92 + over mares





Stardust attending her very first show, as a 16yo, at Kingston Ag. Spring Show.  All very new to the old girl, but she behaved beautifully, and coped so well she'll attend Kingston's Summer Show in January, 2011.




Mares at Kingston in Child Handlers class




Q & Stardust were also entered in the Child Handlers class with the sisters, Kira & Maddy, at Kingston.  The mares did very well indeed with a pair of novice handlers. The girls came away with 2nd (Maddy & Stardust) and 3rd (Kira with Q).  The girls enjoyed it so much they want to go again to the shows with the mares.



Stardust at Ballarat Show 2nd Lady Driver





Stardust at Ballarat Ag. Show Harness Classes 2011


2nd Shetland Turnout in Jinker

3rd Novice Pony

2nd Lady Driver w/- Suzanne Coutanceau





Stardust at Kingston Ag Show 2011




Stardust at Kingston Ag. Show Harness Classes 2011


1st  Pleasure Pony

3rd  Open Driver

3rd  Shetland Pony






Stardust at Kingston Show 2012




Stardust at Kingston Ag. Show Harness Classes 2012


3rd  Shetland Pony

3rd  Open Driver

3rd  Pleasure Pony



Dun filly Topaz gains 3rd place in her Colour Class at Western Promo Foal Show




Our latest filly foal, Callambene Topaz, attended her first show at Ballarat in May 2013, as a 6 month old.  Entered into large classes for Shetland fillies, it was enough for her to work out and present as asked, as she found it a bit overwhelming.  But in her Colour class, she was awarded 3rd in a field of 9, with all other ponies either chestnut & white or black and white.

We are very pleased with this latest filly, and once she has grown and matured, she will be brought back in for harness training when a 2yo. Before that time, she will be socialised as all of our ponies are.

Very proud of this filly and her first show outing.






Stardust at the WPG Activity Day





On 16th June, 2013, old Stardust attended her first performance competition at Ballarat Pony Club grounds.  Though approaching her 19th year, this delightful old pony decided to give her all when asked.  The show-jumping poles, the cross-country course, the barrels, bending poles and obstacles; with each she attempted and didn't refuse or misbehave.  Well done old girl!