Ponies at Work & Play


Driving Shetlands


 Suzanne driving Stardust

Stardust driven by Suzanne on a glorious Winters day.

  Suz driving Stardust in harness















Forestry Fiesta Parade 2009

Ponies at the Fiesta


Callambene Shetland ponies walk in parade  


Fairy Tales of the Forest was out Fiesta theme this year, so the ponies were dressed as best we could for the parade walk. 



Leading the line is Didge, walked by friend, Jodie, who travelled from Queensland for the weekend.  Following with Q is Tracy, then leading Phil is Murray.  Liz is next with Phil's 8 week old colt, Smokey.  Following are the pair of yearling fillies, Charm & Calico, handled by Abby, Laura & Dana.  Last, but not least, is yearling filly Thora with Chris.

In the second photo the ponies were happy to be penned so the locals & visitors to the town could meet the Callambene Shetland Ponies.

(photos by Suzanne of Kayzan Photography)



Forestry Fiesta Parade 2008

2008 Forestry Fiesta

Waiting for Parade  


Ponies all dressed up this year for the Fiesta theme: "Magic of the Forest"

We had fun dressing up the ponies, Stardust, Ivory & Didge.


Walking Shetland Pony, Stardust is young friend, Abby, who did an amazing job as a novice handler of a novice parade walker. The mare is an exceptionally quiet animal, proving the best of what can be said of Shetlands. I, of course, am walking the 'Fairy Pony', Ivory, & Didge. This year Didge behaved beautifully, even turning his head to every camera he saw so people could get a full frontal shot of him, the HAM! Little Ivory, as a yearling Shetland Pony, also coped well with the large numbers of people about and all the applause, shouting, balloons & everything else you'd come to expect from a street parade.

(photos by Andrew Cartledge & Thellie Lion)



Phil at Jades 5th Birthday Party


Didge at Ethans 1st Birthday Party



The Ponies of Callambene are at times requested to do rides at young children's birthday  parties.  Usually it is Didge who finds himself brought into service, but now the girls are older, they are also being called on to help him.  Phil has attended at one, & Q will attend her first birthday party at the end of 2009.




Ponies at work + play
Phil & Razz with Bridget
Q with Christabel
Phil & Razz with Daisy
Razz with Quinn
Razz meets Eliza


The Ponies of Callambene also spend quality time just hanging out with young friends, particularly when there's a new Shetland baby in the stud.  They are also handled by young people who don't mind walking out in public with them.


Q surrounded by her fansDidge with mature friend Rose

Shetland foals Charm Thora + Calico meet tourists to town