Dun Skewbald Shetland that also carries cream and is homozygous for black


(Beyond Blue Armani x Pentland Cotton Candy)

D.O.B.: 19:11: 2008

Bay Dun / Buckskin Skewbald 9hh

Beautiful little mare bred by the stud out of our lovely bay skewbald mare, Q. (Pentland Cotton Candy).  Calico has her mother's sweet disposition and lovely movement and it is hoped this will carry through to her own foals.  First foal, a colt, born in 2013, Collie (C. Coalman), is by Pentland Noddy 2nd (dec), and is expected to remain under his mother's height.  Will be tested for his colour, but at present is black and may carry cream.

Calico has begun long-reining for harness and will continue her training once her colt is weaned mid 2014.  To date she has attended street parades and been a frequent visitor on street walks in the town, and has also been used in advertising for the local tourist industry.  The walks will continue with her foal and beyond in the years ahead.



Bay + white Skewbald Shetland mare


(Pentland Pinto Boy x Pentland Candyfloss)
Bay & White Skewbald

Q, as Pentland Cotton Candy is known as at home, is a 9.3hh bay and white skewbald Shetland Pony also from Betty Myers’ Pentland Stud in Ballarat. Q foaled to Beyond Blue Armani November, 2008.

Q is well known about our home town of Creswick. She has been in a street parade, has also appeared in the television shows with Brady Halls & Nicky Buckley, has not yet worked at a birthday party, but has done numerous walks down the street. Many like her bold colouring and often ask if her foals will also be as bold. The answer is always YES! Followed by, I HOPE!

Q does have the ‘old-fashioned’ type of Shetland head, and is often a favourite because of her calm, gentle personality. Never pushy or boisterous, Q is loved by many for her quiet dignity of manner, and it is hoped her foals will also inherit that gentle nature.




 Black Shetland Pony Mare


(Brolga Delacombe x Thorpeville Tracy)
Black 9.3hh

Stardust, as we call her, has Rodney of Marshwood (IMP) as her maternal grandsire & Emblem of Wetherden (IMP) as her paternal great grandsire, so this mare carries some of the older Shetland Pony bloodlines. She certainly has good bone and substance, so it is hoped she will produce good sized foals for riding and or driving.

Stardust is both saddle & harness trained, and though prone to founder in the past, she ran with the dun Shetland, Beyond Blue Armani for a 2009 foal. It is hoped that, if in foal and having a foal at foot the next year, we can finally break the founder cycle that has plagued her for some years at her previous home.

Already Stardust has joined the team of ponies, with a street parade, walks down the street, a birthday party, and fund-raising pony rides under her girth. A quiet and placid natured mare, I hope to compete her in harness in the future.


9hh Grey Shetland Mare


(Millbrae Moomba x Pentland Meggie)
Grey 9hh

Maddie, as she is affectionately known as, is a lovely natured grey Shetland mare that came to the stud needing alot of work with her feet.  Having foundered in the past, her feet had become unmanageable for her previous owners, and they passed her on as a project pony for the stud owner.  Whether or not she ever has a foal for the stud in the future, Maddie will have a forever home at Callambene.




Dun Shetland Pony Mare 


(Musk Lavender Tailor x Pentland Golden Risotta)
D.O.B.: 11:11:2003
Blue Dun 9.2hh
See her colt by Beyond Blue Armani on the foals page! 

A delightful, very pretty pony, with a pert ‘in your face’ personality, Philiadelphia was born in 2003, and is a blue dun Shetland Pony mare from the renowned stud of Mrs. Betty Myers. Philiadelphia stands at 9.2hh and has the Shetlands abundance of mane and tail. She bred her first foal in 2007, a lovely little bay filly by Brosha Troy (bay) [see Razzamattazz on the Foals page]. Little Razz has her fathers colouring and delightful head, but all her mothers personality and that abundance of thick, heavy mane.

Philiadelphia ran with another dun Shetland Pony, Beyond Blue Armani, last season for a 2009 foal. See the resulting colt foal on the foals page. Smokey is trained for harness and doing very well.

Philiadelphia had been involved in 2 street parades, two television show appearances (A Brady Bunch on A Current Affair, & Talk to the Animals), pony rides at a child’s 5th birthday party, and countless walks about the main streets of Creswick. Even when heavily pregnant, she still liked her daily stroll down the street to meet people. She loved the attention!

Tragically, Phil was hit by a truck early 2012 and was buried with her first born, Razz, and the old pony, Aurora.  All our dreams, all our hopes, all our adventures, came to a sudden end that day you left, Phil. Run free over the rainbow bridge, my darling.

11/11/2003 - 11/1/2012





Bay Dun Shetland Mare


(Fenwick Marcus x Riverton Lodge Amber)


Bay Dun 10.1hh

Amber is a beautifully rich coloured dun of good bone and height and has had her first foal for the stud, a dun filly, in November of 2012. Topaz, her filly, should grow to her mother's height and have much of her build, and as such it is hoped for a lovely coloured harness pony in the future.

Amber was sold on to a lovely home in Apollo Bay to be a foundation mare for a new stud.  Already she has made new friends with the children of her new owner and they plan to educate her under saddle for the girls to ride in future. Hopefully we will see Amber out there in the ring in future, and also hope she breeds lovely up to height ponies with colour for her new owner, Stephanie.


Pentland Lois 2nd Pentland Lois 2nd





(Spring Park Sonny 2nd x Pentland Lillibet)
5: 10:1992
Grey (Black) 8.3hh
See her foal on Foals Page.






Pentland Lois 2nd is a 1992 grey Shetland mare standing at 8.3hh. Living all her life til now at the Pentland Stud of Betty Myers, Lois has had 5 foals under the Pentland stud prefix, 4 female & 1 male, all of which went grey like their mother. Indeed, her daughters had greys, as have her grand-daughters, so it was expected & hoped for a greying Shetland foal to be born when she came to Callambene and was put to Beyond Blue Armani.

On October 30th Lois did precisely that, a little black filly with silvering eyelids was delivered in my front garden. See little Thora on our foals page. The filly, fortunately, has her mothers’ sweet little head and is already becoming familiar with being handled. Unlike her mother, who can be very anti-social when in a larger area, we hope Thora continues to be friendly and ready to approach people.

Lois has gone to a lovely retirement home on the outskirts of Melbourne's eastern suburbs.  Her new owner, Jo, will give Lois as much care & love as she needs as the companion of Soxy, another aging pony mare.  Have a long life old girl.