We have three Shetland geldings at the stud. 

Blue 83hh roan Shetland Pony gelding




The first of these is a black roan, 8.3hh boy born in 1999.  Pentland Blue Boy is our ideal of a 'Thelwell', lots of hair over the face, stocky body on legs with good short cannons.  He also has the personality of a 'Thelwell', cheeky and cute and lovable.

RIP Blue. 15.10.1999 - 4.5.2012


Dusty black Shetland Pony gelding





Next is a black, unregistered gelding named Dusty.  We aren't sure of his correct age, somewhere around 6 - 7 & stands approximately 9.3hh.  A very nice looking Shettie that needs to be worked with through the few issues he has developed through lack of education in his earlier years.





Brown Dun Shetland Gelding


Lastly is our home-bred Shetland, Callambene Smokey Quartz.  Smokey is out of our dun mare, Pentland Golden Rapture and by the dun stallion Beyond Blue Armani.  Smokey will mature to approximately 9hh, so we decided to have him gelded and raised to be sold as a future child's pony and harness pony.  He is an unusual chocolate coloured dun at the moment, so we will await his mature colouring to determine just what colour dun he really is.  

Smokey has now been lightly backed and educated to harness.  He has taken to it with calm and steadfastness, and it is hoped he will begin his showing career in harness within a few years.