Born in the late evening on 14th September, to Callambene Calico & Pentland Noddy 2nd (dec)




Black colt son of C Calico


This little colt was obviously meant to be, as the sire, Noddy, was put to sleep early in 2013 when advanced years began to take it's toll on this little stallion.  When we sent Calico to the paddock with Noddy, we were not concerned if she conceived or not, as she was escaping and looking for a stallion.  If she was happy to remain in the paddock with the aged stallion, we would ask no more.  As it was, they made a connection and Noddy's final foal, a colt, was born just before midnight.

Welcome to the world young Collie.




Born in the late afternoon of Friday, 9th of November, to Fenwick Amberina & Pentland Pinto Boy!!!




Dun Shetland Filly


Topaz is a delightfully friendly dun filly that, after a layoff in breeding of three years, was well worth the delay.  Topaz is expected to grow to her mothers height of around 10hh and will one day be a harness pony for the stud owners.  As yet we are not sure just what colour dun she is, or if she has any skewbald markings inherited from her father, but regardless of the colour or markings, she will make a spectacularly coloured harness Shetland when she hits the show ring.

Welcome little one!



Born in the wee wet hours of Tuesday, 25th August, to Pentland Golden Rapture & Beyond Blue Armani!!


Dun shetland colt Smokey

Smokey, as he is known as at home, is a leggy blue dun colt, long awaited by the stud.  When Philiadelphia was initially purchased as a foal, it was hoped she would produce duns for the stud.  Her first by a bay was a bay, see Razzamattazz, so we put her to Mani, a dun, with the hope that a dun foal would be produced.  This little fella is all we hoped for from the pairing.  He is strong, bold in nature, friendly, & looks to have the lovely head of his mother.  We await his maturity with interest!


In the wee hours of November 2nd, to Penell Park Katrina & Beyond Blue Armani!!




Filly Shetland Foal 

Little Moondust is another leggy foal, a lovely dun filly, out of our aging maiden mare, Stardust.  The old girl did it all on her own on a moonlit night, hence the filly's name of Moondust.  I was there to watch her be delivered, but offered no assistance as the mare was calm, as were the mares on the other side of the fence.  I am delighted with this filly and wait with antisipation for her to grow up & show her true colours, as it were.  Another friendly foal, just like her brother.  Welcome to the world, Moondust.



Born at 1pm, October 30th, a black filly going grey, to Pentland Lois 2nd & Beyond Blue Armani!!!


 Thora Black going grey filly

THORA came into the wide world in a less than ideal way. With one leg back and her head firmly out with the other leg lying in the correct position, her mother was slightly distressed and continued to push, a danger to her baby with each contraction coming close to throttling the foal. With a hasty call to a friend who had experienced this before in her own small stud, she all but flew to help. In less than 15 minutes from the telephone call, little THORA was on the ground and attempting to get on her feet. In half an hour she was standing, and by the time an hour had passed, THORA was firmly on her feet and walking. At two hours old she walked from her place of birth through my front garden (where her mother had been doing my lawn), out to the back yard where she and LOIS were to spend the night in a snug, straw lined shelter; with plenty of good hay, some hand picked grass, fresh water, and feed for a weary mother.

The name THORA was chosen when, 10 minutes after her eventful birth, another friend sent a message from Sydney, that her ailing aunt had, after some years fighting cancer, passed away at 1pm. I thought the deceased lady's name of THORA, was more than fitting for the foal that had finally left her mother at 1pm.

Once weaned and given a little education, Thora will be going to be Suzanne's very special friend. Thank you, Suzanne, for being brave enough to love Thora with all her quirks & foibles.


Born in the wee hours of 19th November 2008 to Pentland Cotton Candy by Beyond Blue Armani!!!




 Calico dun + white filly


A very spectacularly marked dun & white pinto filly, little Calico is all I hoped for and more from the pairing of Q with Mani. She has the bold markings of her mother, and from her father she has got amazing colour and absolutely gorgeous legs with what appears to be good bone. She arrived in the wee hours of a rainy morning with far less drama than little Thora arrived, but still in my front garden! But I don't care much about the mess; my garden will recover and grow again. To get such adorable filly foals, I'd sacrifice any amount of garden plants!

Calico is definitely a keeper!


Born on 7th. October, 2007, a bouncing bay filly to Philiadelphia & Brosha Troy!!!!





Philiadelphia waited until I had gone to work to go into labour, so her baby arrived without assistance & just a little encouragement from the geldings over the fence. I arrived home to find this darling little foal tottering about my back yard. Even then she was forward, attempting to follow me & not her mother. They were shut in together & within an hour we could hear the foal slurping her first drink from mum.

Razzamattazz went to a very good home with Ros & David Plunkett in Creswick. She has her own paddock, little friends visit from time to time to keep her company, & is just a little spoilt by her new human friend, Ros.

It is with great sadness that I have to inform everyone that little Razz was put to sleep on July 1st, 2009, after a severe bout of colic eventuated in a twisted bowel.  The vet could do nothing for her so it was decided the best for her was a kind parting.  I missed seeing this little one into the world, but I was there with her to see her on her way to the next.  RIP little one, you are sorely missed by all who knew you & loved you.