On a visit to the Twin Acres Stud in 2001, I saw my first dun Shetland Pony, and fell in love with the unusualness of the colour & markings. On asking about the unusual little pony, I was told that Annette’s mother owned the sire, a very nice looking blue dun called Tailor.

Pentland Golden Rapture first dun purchased by the stud

Two years later I rang up the owner of the Pentland Stud to see if they had any bay Shetland Pony filly foals in that seasons drop and made an appointment to go and view the little bay filly they had there. On arrival, and while speaking to the owner, Betty, I saw a photo of a pale coloured Shetland foal displayed on her fridge. Not a palomino, as I initially thought, but a dun. On being taken out to see the adult stallion, the penny dropped. I was talking to Annette’s mother, and looking at the father of that intriguing little Shetland foal at Twin Acres. Well, I totally forgot about the bay I was there to look at, I wanted to see any of this Dun's get. Betty had four foals there, two fillies, two colts, and only one of each were unsold.

Out in the paddock I knew immediately which one I wanted. The filly, though smaller & paler in colour than the colt, had something about her that caught my attention and held it. Even though I couldn’t get closer than six feet and usually as she was walking away, nothing else interested me that day. I bought my little dun Shetland filly, Philiadelphia (Pentland Golden Rapture) and my love affair with the dun colour has strengthened since then. You could say I’m besotted with them.

RIP Philiadelphia. 11.11.2003 - 11.1.2012

Beyond Blue Armani second dun Shetland purchased by the stud

Two years later a friend’s mare dropped a dun Shetland colt on the ground. As tall as my girl, more bone, slightly heavy in the head, with more slope to the haunches than Phil, but a lovely looking colt that would balance nicely with my young dun mare.  Mani was sold to me as a yearling, and as a two year old was put to our tall bay & white Shetland mare, Q.

Sold to Queensland 2008

Callambene Calico first dun Shetland bred by the stud 

In 2008 Q put a lovely filly on the ground, a golden dun & white that is a lovely balance of her parents. Her mother’s patterning & her father’s colouring & bone. That same Spring Mani was put over Phil, and now we wait to see if that initial hunch I had regarding the pair will come to pass in 2009.

Pentland Gaellic Charm third dun Shetland purchased by the stud

Less than a week before our little dun pinto, Calico, was born, Tailor put another little blue dun Shetland filly on the ground. Gaellic Charm is out of a chestnut mare carrying a lot of the older Shetland bloodlines, and though a little smaller at 9hh, she will mature pretty much as her half sister, Phil, has done.

Sold 2011 to a show home

Fenwick Amberina fourth dun Shetland Purchased by the stud

Another stud carrying older bloodlines, Fenwick, has also put a pair of dun fillies on the ground in 2008. The smaller is a pretty red dun out of a chestnut, but Amberina is going to have the height so few duns have in this country. Maturing over 10hh, then Amberina is definitely one pony I want in my herd of duns. Her colour is a little unusual, so we will wait to see what colour dun she matures too.

CallambeneSmokey Quartz second dun Shetland bred by the stud 

Our second dun born to the stud is from the much antisipated mating of Philiadelphia & Mani.  On Tuesday, 25th August 2009, Phil delivered a very nice dun Shetland colt for the stud.  Smokey has lovely big knees & hocks & has every appearance of growing into a lovely medium to large boned Shetland.  We are very pleased to have this boy in the stud to add to the duns of Callambene Pony Stud.

Callambene Moondust third dun Shetland bred by stud

Our third dun born for the stud was from the mating of Stardust & Mani, and was quite a surprise.  In the wee hours of Monday, 2nd of November, Stardust delivered a lovely dun Shetland filly.  Witnessing this birth due to Stardust's age, the filly dried out to be an absolute surprise.  Confirmed by a friend, little Moondust is likely to be the darkest of the duns, and one she has never seen in the Shetlands of her mothers or her own stud.  This filly, due to her rather special place in the stud, and born only a few days prior to my daughter's birthday, became my daughter's birthday gift.

Dun Shetland Filly

The fourth dun born to the stud is from the pairing of Pentland Pinto Boy and Fenwick Amberina.  Born in the early evening of November 9th 2012, I was able to film the birth of this lovely filly and her first steps.  It was quite an exciting time, as everything fell into place for the event.  Time of day, more than enough light to film, and a classic birth by the maiden mare, Amber.  Very much a welcome to the Callambene Stud!