Outlook Darteign

Lise with her gelding Dart



After my long suffering daughter moved away from home for a few years to study in Perth, I bought her a pony she could get on and ride in comfort. Though she was happy to get on the Shetlands, and didn’t complain much, I took pity on her and got her a lovely moving young Dartmoor. When she moves back he’ll be strong enough for her to ride. Following Easter of 2010, Dart will be educated under saddle & in harness by a friend who lives locally & has a number of Clydesdale X's working in harness & under saddle.  Perhaps this year Lise may finally get on her pony.

 Dart at his foal show 2008 





At his foal show in 2008, Dart received first place, champion, & then went on to gain Supreme Pony in Any Other A.P.S.B. breed.  We were thrilled at his doing so well as the Dartmoor Pony is only seen infrequently at shows.




Dart Reserve Champion at Pakenham Ag Show





Dart at Pakenham Ag. Show on 20/3/2010. 

1st: Other Pony Breed, Led Gelding, any age. 




Dart with his Glengarry Ag Show spoils



Dart at Glengarry Ag. Show on 5/4/2010. 

1st: Led Dartmoor Gelding.

CHAMPION: Led Dartmoor Male.


1st: Mountain or Moorland Led Show Hunter Hack.

CHAMPION: Led M/M Show Hunter.




We would like to thank Charmaine of Del Haven Lodge Pony Stud for taking Dart out to the shows & handling him for Lise.  He has learnt a great deal from Charmaine's expert handling & it is hoped that after his education to saddle & harness he will continue to prove himself in the ring under these disciplines.  

Dart at Maryborough Ag Show  2nd + Reserve Champion APSB Pony





Maryborough Agricultural Show : 11/12/10

2nd : APSB Pony

Reserve Champion : APSB Pony 






Out driving with Dart Lise out with Dart








Dart has now completed his harness education and is home again.  Pictured on his second outing with the stud's co-owner, Liz, and with Lise on her second drive.  Dart is very well mannered, though a little green.  In time he will settle to being a superb harness pony with easy going strides and a relaxed manner.  We are having fun with the boy.


Finally  She gets on her pony





Finally, Lise managed to get on her pony.  After a good drive out round the bush and the quieter streets of town, Lise plucked up courage to get on the pony.  Dart was as well behaved as we had expected him to be, and it's hoped that Dart will be ridden in bit and saddle before Lise returns to her final months of study.  It has been a very long 3 years, but well worth the wait. 


Dart at Shows