Other Equines

26yo buckskin QHxPercheron gelding


Ashen is a 14.3h Quarterhorse x Percheron now in his 20’s. After 15 years as a trail horse at a children’s camp he was retired with benign tumors on his back. As I learnt to ride on this horse, not to mention understand why horses act the way they do, I couldn't bear the thought of him going off to the knackery. He now lives an easy life with us with the small geldings to keep him company.

Sadly, Ashen lost weight this year and, despite the abundance of feed and extra grain, he couldn't regain it. With the younger geldings largely ignoring him, it was decided to do the kindest thing and lay him to rest.  Will miss you OLD MAN. 18/12/12 R.I.P.





1974 - 2010 Bay Welsh pony mare


This very old welsh type pony lived into her 30’s. Aurora was the constant companion of the old horse (above) and has had a long life that encompasses pony club, farm pony, harness pony and as a camp pony. Again another I learnt my 'skills' with, this time how to not be scared to fall off & get back on, & to work an animal in harness. After her hind legs gave out she was retired to see out her days in comfort with us.  Sadly, the old girl's condition began to deteriorate during the Summer of 2010 and we brought her home to see if there were anything to help her through the Winter.  We got her a combo rug, gave her unlimited hay to eat, but unfortunately her weight began to drop.  It was decided that the kindest thing for her was a peaceful end before her condition dropped so far as to see her suffer.  R.I.P. Old dear.  Passed away without pain on 27/7/2010.



Chestnut mini pony mare



Just Lately to join us is Pollyanna, a bright chestnut pony mare of unknown breeding.  She has a very pretty head on her with a clearly defined blaze.  Pollyanna is a pony who has not had a very caring life. The stud is fostering this little mare until such a time as a permanent home can be found.  If she is to leave us, of course.  By the time she is fully fit she may well have wormed herself into our hearts and, like the aged pair above, may find she is in her forever home with us.

***Pollyanna found a new home with her very own child to love on 26/7/10.  Have a lovely life with Ameelia***