Miniature Pony

Didge mini pony born 1999


Didge is our black miniature pony gelding. He’s pet, lawn mower, weanling sitter, and a local Mr. Personality in our town of Creswick. Seen on television (A Current Affair with Brady Hall & with Nicky Buckley on Talk to the Animals), he also joins in on fundraising ventures in the community with pony rides, street parades and school fetes. With tonnes of cheek and attitude, we’d never part with him.



Didge with young friend Luke





Miniature ponies make ideal ponies for children to begin with as they are small & sturdy creatures, capable of having children up to 5 years of age on their backs.  Some are able to carry older children, even small adults, as many Australian Miniature Ponies are descended from Shetland Ponies.  Indeed, Didge has pure bred, 9hh Shetlands as two of his grandparents.  In this photo, Didge is with a family friend, Luke, where the child learnt to balance on Didge's quite broad back, before Luke's mother went to purchase a pony (Shetland) for her children to ride on.





Lise having a little fun with Didge





On a visit home, Lise got on her smaller pony to re-enforce his training and responses when backed. Didge is a very cheeky and intelligent pony that needs his brashness reined in, and due to his small stature, only a competant older child or small adult is able to deal with this side of his education.